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Battery Beach Burnout 2008
Polk Retired Teachers 2008
Sunset Celebration 2008
HOBY Leadership Conference 2008
Cypress Gardens Car Show 2008
Board of Commissioners, June 4, 2008
Bumper Sticker
"Who Killed the Electric Car?"
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"Who Killed the Electric Car?"
Where is the media, in Austrailia?
The Problems
The Solution
GM Denial of NiMH Technology
The Chevron/Cobasys Story
Solar and NiMH Battery
Planes, Trains and battery electric Automobiles
The Perfect Battery
GM Volt Battery Lab
Wikipedia on th RAV4 EV
RAV4 EV Owners
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Owners Responce
RAV4 EV Manufacturer
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Doug Korthof On GM's denial of NiMH and the RAV4 EV

RAV4 Ev with "Lone Ranger" range Extender (Serial Hybrid)
Hon. R. James Woolsey,
National Commission on Energy Policy Testimony
NiMH Battery Issue
New York Times Coal Issue
CARB Issue
CARB Media Notice
CARB Issue Prolog
CARB Issue More Prolog
GM Volt Battery Lab
Bloomberg Volt and Gas Prices
Ledger "Plug-In Electric Cars Solve Problems"
Ledger "Flex-Fuel Vehicles Can Help Decrease Foreign-Oil Addiction"
Thanks to the Ledger for "Auto Battery Power Suppressed"
"Formula One, Wall Street Journal"
"Thanks to the Ledger for "'Mild Hybrid' Isn't Real Hybrid"
existing, power plants
Why Electric
Tell Me About the Power Grid
Motives of EV Adversaries
Breaking News
GM Goes After COBASYS!
GM set to buy hybrid battery supplier
AFS Trinity XH150

Union of Concerned Scientists, CARB News Link
Bloomberg on the Volt Link
Bloomberg on the Gas Prices Link
Dude, Where’s My Electric Car!?! by Matt Coker
Laatest CARB News
Local News
"Truth or Consequences" from the NY Times
"US Gasloline is a Bargin" from Bloomberg
"Well sports fans, if you think Hybrid technology is a passing fad, read this." from the WS Journal
"RFK II on Energy" from Vanity Fair
"Energy Policy And The Electric Car"
"Second Look
Celebrity Video
Tom Hanks with letterman on RAV4 EV and Prius
Tom Hanks News
Jay Leno EV News
President Bush EV News
A Moment of Transformation? Shai Agassi (25 min - Mar 12, 2008)
A Moment of Transformation? Amory Lovins (1 hr 1 min - Mar 12, 2008)
King Corn
King Corn
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